Self-limiting Parallel Heating Cable HSB



  • Steam cleaning possible
  • Self-limiting
  • Can be used in explosive atmospheres without temperature limiter (subject to


German English KEMA 08ATEX0110 (System)
English IECEx KEM 09.0083 (System)
German English KEMA 02ATEX2327 U
English IECEx KEMA 07.0048U
English CSA 1862457
English Chinese NEPSI GYJ13.1118U
Russian TC RU C-DE.GB06.B.00230
Kazakh GOST-K-KZ4710193.01.01.00139
Ukrainian No. 906
Korean KTL 2011-2454-136
English Lloyd's Register 10/20048
Indian CCEs P237514

Ex protection type

Ex II 2G Ex e II 200 °C (T2), T3, T4
Ex II 2D Ex tD A21 IP 65 T 200 °C, T 195 °C, T 130 °C

Ambient temperature

Permissible ambient temperature
Cut-in heating cable +120 °C
Cut-off heating cable +190 °C

Minimum installation temperature -60 °C
Minimum cut-in temperature -60 °C


A temperature-dependant resistive element between two parallel copper conductors regulates and limits the heat output of the heating cable. This output regulation is carried out automatically along the entire length of the heating cable according to the prevailing ambient temperature. As the ambient temperature rises, the heat output of the cable is reduced. This self-limiting property prevents overheating even when the cable are overlapped. A temperature limiter is not required (not even in explosion hazard zones).

Thanks to the parallel power supply the heating cable can be cut to any required length. This feature considerably simplifies project planning and installation. The heating cable is cut and terminated in accordance with the local requirements directly on the construction site. In cases where the cable may become damaged, it is not necessary to replace the whole circuit but only the affected part. BARTEC-HEAT HSB is available in different versions and with different power outputs.

Technical data (extract)

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Dimensions with protective braid and protective outer jacket
of fluoropolymer: 10.2 x 4.8 mm
Min. bending radius: 25 mm
Length of heating circuit see data sheet
Storage temperature min. -60 ?C
Heat output 10 W/m, 15 W/m, 25 W/m, 30 W/m, 45 W/m, 60 W/m (at +10 ?C)
Voltage AC 208 V up to 254 V
AC 110 V up to 120 V
Resistance Protective braid: < 18.2 Ω/km


Data Sheet - Self-limiting Parallel Heating Cable HSB German English French Russian 
Declaration of Conformity 01-5803-7C0001_A German English French 
Installation Instructions PSBL/PSB/HSB German English French Russian