Continuous Training Guarantees Safety

For Manufacturers + Engineerings + Plant Operators + Services

Promotes Innovation and Efficiency

During all phases of the value-added chain, components, systems and plants must have a required safety level. Human beings are in the focus of attention. Their qualifications, competence and experience are the key for guaranteeing comprehensive safety.

Throughout Europe, a standardized safety level has been determined for explosion protection in the course of European harmonization.

The implementation of the new directives (94/9/EC and 1999/92/EC), standards and technical regulations in companies requires comprehensive knowledge, advanced training and intensive exchange of experience.
The BARTEC Safe. t® Academy is the ideal platform for your training.

Expert Knowledge
We are experts in international standards and regulations. We are constantly on track when it comes to finding new trends in this special field.

We prove our expert knowledge in many countries. We show you how to implement legal requirements more simply and more efficiently in practice. We help you when it comes to finding design solutions, development, approval, maintenance and testing solutions.

Training Modules
We have developed special focal points for the different activities. You can choose the contents of your personal training systematically.